The dangers of a tweet and the wrong type of sun

Southeastern Trains had a bit of an issue with Twitter today and with the wrong kind of sun causing delays.

The actual issue causing the delays is a legitimate one – the glare from the low and bright winter sun was preventing the train drivers from seeing key safety monitors, meaning they had to get out and check the train manually. Obviously this was the right thing to do from a safety perspective, but the way they reported this on Twitter wasn’t quite so clever.

We had severe congestion through Lewisham due to dispatching issues as a result of strong sunlight.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter reacted to ‘strong sunlight’ with the sort of mirth you will only get from Twitter. Southeastern soon clarified what they meant by ‘strong sunlight’ but then it was too late.

It just highlights the danger of social media and Twitter – you only have 140 characters so can’t always give all the details but have to be so careful with what is Tweeted. Clearly ‘strong sunlight’ wasn’t the finest idea of the day.

It also highlights the issue of who do you have running your Twitter account? If it is an account that is used to talk directly to customers (such as Southeastern and other rail companies) then it needs constant attention. The trend is for the more inexperienced team members to run the accounts, but that is where the danger lies.

Of course, if Twitter bring in the 10,000 character limit more can be explained within a single tweet and perhaps some of the fun will come out of Twitter…