Journalists – correct your mistakes please.

I’ve been criticising PR people in my blog recently, so I thought it was time to talk about journalists.

The other evening I was in the Thirsty Bear in Southwark, and I was reminded of an article I saw on the Independent’s website. It claimed to have found the UK’s first ever pub that allowed you to pour your own pint at your table via an Ipad attached to said table. The “new” system has been installed in a pub in Wales called The Westbourne.

As I sat there I recalled a time, about 8 or so months ago when I was sitting in the Thirsty Bear, pouring my own pints and ordering food from an Ipad. So clearly the Independent were wrong. I mentioned this on their Twitter feed. The Thirsty Bear mentioned it on their Twitter feed (understandly considering they’ve been offering the same system for more than a year.) Some people mentioned in the comment section below the story.

So despite it being pointed out that the story is just plain wrong, still the story sits on their website without clarification or correction.

As I mentioned above I’ve been critical of PR professionals a bit recently, but this shows that journalism isn’t without its problems. I appreciate that this isn’t a big important story but accuracy is still important and this article is wrong and it’s been pointed out that it is wrong.

I recall reading Nick Davies’ Flat Earth News and the issue with Churnalism and this seems like an example of a journalist taking a press release and printing without fact checking.

 We all must do better.

Here’s the offending article for info:

And do visit one of the first pubs where you can pour your own beer and order off an IPAD –

And if you’re interested in reading more about Churnalism:

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