Apple at it again

So I recently published a little blog post linking to an exposé of Apple’s PR operation (here: ( )

Only a few weeks later and we see another example of their approach – this time Computer Bild fell foul of their bullying and intimidation tactics when they published a video showing how easy it is to bend an iPhone 6 Plus. Apple’s response was to take Computer Bild off their good boy list and no more testing devices or invites to Apple events.

Ignoring the fact that this is quite a childish way to react, how do they think trying to intimidate journalists and publications – the main route their customers learn about their products – is going to turn out?

Here’s the open letter Computer Bild’s Editor in Chief Axel Telzerow wrote to Apple:

Apple’s response to Bendgate has been to claim there isn’t a problem – which reminds me of another inadequate response to a phone problem when one of the previous Apple models had a signal problem – the response was to ‘hold it properly’.

Time will tell if Bendgate is a real issue or not, and while Apple remains at the top this approach will probably continue to work for them, but I expect there will be long-term issues if Apple continue to act like this.


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