An detailed look into Apple’s PR and Media Operation by 9to5 Mac

Here’s a really interesting piece from 9to5 Mac on the PR and media operation at Apple (by@markgurman) . It’s well worth a read – and apologies to the Twitterer who I found this via. I’m afraid I clicked on the link a few days ago and only just got around to reading it – do let me know if it was you!

It paints a picture of control, manipulation and advantage of having an army of supporters ready to go into battle on Apple’s behalf. It talks of removing ‘privileges’ from journalists and publications that don’t stay on message and are supportive (Gizmodo has reportedly been barred from all Apple launch events since 2010, after they got their hands on a prototype Iphone 4) and only sending review items to those who will write positively.

Interestingly, I just don’t see how it would work for any other company or organisation. With so many high-profile ‘friends’ and the evangelical love that Apple finds in its followers (they are followers, not customers…) they can get away with this approach, and – obviously from their general reputation and profit margin – it has proved very successful! However, we would all love to only engage with our favourite and supportive journalists, but rarely have that luxury.

It will also be fascinating to see how this pans out over the years – as the latter parts of the story shows, changes are afoot within Apple (post Steve Jobs) and within the PR department.

Disclosure time. I’m not an Apple fanboy. I have an Ipad (1), and once had an IPhone 4s, but both have been superseded by my superior (in my humble opinion…) Blackberry Q10.

Link here:

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